Reserve Contribution

On track, on the line, just in. Participants are roving, a group effort, no rewards offered.

Just as the city concludes a rethinking of its built environment in the form of the Unitary Plan we consider the myriad trade-offs agreed between developers and city planners. As property investors leverage policy to gain more ground in the urban centres, the project questions the corporate establishment of invisible and inaccessible ‘public spaces’ in exchange for more floor area.

The Reserve Contribution riders swerve off their commuter path and move from one ‘bonus’ location to another quietly intervening and interceding along the public/private divide. This project will involve and document various tours of these public spaces, where the temporary interventions draw attention to, make use of and propose questions concerning their ultimate visibility and accessibility, and who it is that ultimately benefits from these regulatory urban trade-offs.


Philippa Nielsen, “Welcome”, 2017
Photo credit: Joseph Jowitt